U-bolts are “U” shaped bolts with threads on each end. They are primarily used to hang piping in industrial applications and are often called out by the nominal size pipe they are hanging (i.e. 2” U-bolts are used to hang 2” NPS pipe). Standard U-bolts typically come with nuts, however, the nuts need to be specified for special grade U-bolts .

There are no standard dimensions for exotic high nickel and specialty stainless U-bolts (like Hastelloy® C276 U-bolts, Duplex 2205 U-bolts, Nickel 200 U-bolts, 317L Stainless U-bolts), so Nickel Systems usually supplies them to Grinnell Standard Style UB – 137 regular dimensions. However, if special U-bolts with longer tangents and threads are required, they can also be manufactured, as well as other types of “bent” bolts. Nickel Systems would require a print in order to quote special dimensions per customer requirements.

Fasteners from Nickel Systems: U-Bolt