High nickel alloy & specialty stainless fasteners are in stock & ready to ship!

Nickel Systems is a true stocking distributor of high nickel alloy and specialty stainless fasteners including hex bolts, hex nuts, all thread rods/studs, washers and socket head products for use in the chemical, power, semi-conductor and water industries. Our materials are most often used in severe corrosion and heat resistant applications. Our vast inventory allows us to ship hard to find items for immediate delivery. Nickel fasteners ready to ship in 5 minutes, call now (215) 855-5633.

Fasteners from Nickel Systems

Hastelloy C276

An extremely versatile material used in a wide variety of severe environments.

Fasteners from Nickel Systems


A nickel-copper alloy that has the corrosion resistance of Alloy 400 with greater strength and hardness.

Fasteners from Nickel Systems

Duplex 2205

This alloy excels in chloride environments and resists hydrogen sulfide.

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