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When it comes to fasteners, we are your source! Nickel Systems is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best product possible at the best price every time. Our products are always on the leading edge of innovation and our customer service is hard to top! Allow us to show you the difference when you work with true seasoned professionals!


Nickel Systems carries a variety of high nickel alloy & specialty stainless fasteners including hex bolts, hex nuts, all thread rods/studs, washers and socket head products.

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Nickel Systems provides high quality exotic grade materials that hold up in the toughest, most severe heat and corrosive environments. With our large inventory of specialty fasteners in stock, we are always ready to answer the call to serve the most challenging applications.

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Our Story

Nickel Systems was incorporated in 2002, however, the idea for Nickel Systems began in 1978 when I started working as a buyer for a fastener distributor. My job was sourcing items that were difficult to find. I quickly got to know the Thomas Register and as a result, I felt the frustration of finding a supplier who claimed to have the items I needed, but couldn’t deliver. While they did not have what I needed, they were more than willing to search for my parts hoping to mark them up and sell them to me.

A Message From Our Founder

While the internet has ended the era of the “oversized” green books, it has not changed all the misleading claims. Nickel Systems is addressing that issue with our niche inventory. Not only do we promote high nickel alloy fasteners such as Hastelloy® C276, we actually have them on the shelf. So if you’re searching for high nickel corrosion resistant fasteners, give us a call. In all likelihood, we will have what you need and will be able to give you a quote on the spot. Wouldn’t it be good to hear the words, IN STOCK rather than WE WILL CALL YOU BACK?

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It has been a pleasure working with Nickel Systems for all my exotic metals machining needs.  Quotes are thorough, competitive, and always received on short notice. We have never had to return parts, nor have parts ever been anything other than made exactly to print. Their lead-times are always very reasonable, too

Nick R

Nickel is our go-to supplier partner for all our Nickel Alloys & Specialty Fasteners. Their whole organization is very efficient, pays attention to detail and very highly organized. They have been a long standing partner of ours and will continue to be for many years to come.

David M

I have been working with Nickel Systems for several years and they are an absolute pleasure to work with. It means a lot to me, and my organization, when a game plan is put into motion and the plan turns out exactly as expected. In fact, often times, Nickel Systems beats their lead time expectations, they have always come through as promised!

Scott F


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