Fasteners for Electronics & Semi-Conductors

Fasteners for Electronics & Semi-Conductors

Whether it’s Hastelloy® C276, B2, Inconel® 600 or 625 used for CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or Nitronic® 60 used with measuring and testing equipment during wafer inspection or in other highly corrosive, elevated temperature or anti-galling environments, Nickel Systems is committed to stocking the specialized hardware you need.

We’ve been supplying corrosion and heat resistant socket head products to Silicon Valley and other high tech facilities for over 10 years.

We also provide hardware items to solar projects, both as experimental research and as government supported energy efficient systems.

We recently supplied larger diameter Hastelloy® C276 hex head bolts, hex head nuts and flat washers used in HCI (hydrochloric acid) cleaning systems at some of the larger semi-conductor manufacturing facilities in the US and overseas, most notably INTEL Hillsboro, OR and Chandler, AZ.

We are always continuing to promote our products to fight corrosion. This year will mark our 5th year as an active exhibitor at SemiCon West.

Nickel Systems can provide parts to high purity cleaning specifications. We can provide tightly tolerance vented screws, as well as specific packaging requests when required.

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