Socket Cap Screws

Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket head cap screws are often used in assemblies with counterbored holes. The head height is equal to the nominal diameter. For sizes 1/4″ and larger, the head diameter is equal to one-and-a-half times the nominal diameter.

Nickel Systems maintains an inventory of Hastelloy® C276 socket head cap screws in both inch and metric sizes. Most sizes 1/2″ diameter and larger, are fully threaded. Current inventory in socket head cap screws includes Duplex 2205, A286, Carpenter® 20 (Alloy 20), Nitronic® 60 (Alloy 60), 310 Stainless, 330 Stainless, 17-4 PH, 18-8 Stainless and 316 Stainless.

Flat Socket Cap Screws

Flat socket head cap screws are used when the top of the screw head is to be flush with one of the assembly surfaces. The underside of the screw head and the accompanying hole are countersunk at an 82-degree (includes angle). Flat socket head cap screws are preferred over slotted flat head cap screws if assembly and disassembly are frequent because the drive is less likely to strip with repetitive use.

Fasteners from Nickel Systems: Socket Head Cap Screw

Button Socket Cap Screws

Button socket cap screws are the fasteners of choice if the screw head is outside of the assembly, there are clearance issues and a socket drive is desired. Button sockets are not meant to handle as much stress as a socket head cap screw as the heads have less “beef”.