Titanium Gr2, Titanium Gr5, Titanium Gr7

UNS R50400, UNS R56400, UNS R52400

Grade 2 titanium is commercially pure titanium. When its surface is exposed to oxygen or moisture, a new corrosion resistant layer of titanium oxide is created. It resists both acids (oxidizing and mildly reducing) and alkali. Usage of Grade 2 titanium fasteners in marine environments is common. Grade 2 titanium fasteners are used for orthopedic and dental implants. Although non-toxic, its chips are extremely flammable.

The advantage of Grade 5 titanium is that it is heat treatable. Although it is more than twice as strong as Grade 2 titanium, its corrosion resistance is not quite as good.

A small addition of palladium is used to create Grade 7 titanium. This addition gives it better corrosion resistance than Grade 2 titanium fasteners in cryogenic and highly acidic environments.

Titanium Fasteners

  • Lock Nuts
  • Set Screws
  • Dowel Pins
  • Pipe Plugs
  • Vented Screws
  • 12-Pt Flange Screws
  • Custom Fasteners


  • Plate, Sheet & Strip: ASTM B575, ASME SB575
  • Rod & Bar: ASTM B574, ASME SB574

Material Properties

Material Properties: Titanium

Technical Data Sheets

Grade 2 Technical Data Sheet

Grade 5 Technical Data Sheet

Grade 7 Technical Data Sheet

Industries & Applications

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