Alloy B2 Fasteners

We stock Alloy B2 fasteners in a variety of hex bolts, hex nuts, flat washers and lock washers, primarily in 1/4” to 3/4″ diameters. Due to the low demand and high expense, quantities on the shelf are relatively low.

Alloy B (UNS N10001) was developed to resist hydrochloric acid. Alloy B2 has replaced it. Alloy B3 (UNS N10675), a newer variant, shows greater thermal stability. However, its popularity is hampered by its availability. All of these materials resist reducing acids well, but oxidizing acids poorly.


Hastelloy B2 (® Haynes International)
AL B2 (® Allegheny Technologies Inc.)
Nickelvac H-B-2 (® Allegheny Technologies Inc.)
Nicrofer 6928 (® Thyssen Krupp VMD)

Primary Resistance



ASTM B333, ASME SB333 (Plate)
ASTM B335, ASME SB335 (Bar)
UNS N10665
W-Nr 2.4167

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)


Typical Chemistry (% by weight)

C .02, Co .08, Cr .5, Fe 1, Mn .07, Mo 28, Ni 69, P .02, S .015, Si .05

Technical Data Sheet