Alloy 625 Fasteners

Nickel Systems stocks hex bolts, hex nuts, washers and threaded rod in Alloy 625. The diameter range is principally from 1/2” to 3/4″.

Alloy 625 combines heat resistance, corrosion resistance and strength. Alloy 625 fasteners are used in environments from cryogenic to 1800º F (1000º C). Resistance to oxidation is a primary characteristic. Like Alloy C276, Alloy 625 is a nickel-chrome-molybdenum alloy. The addition of niobium creates a stronger material. Common applications are in marine environments and pollution control equipment.


Inconel Alloy 625 (® Special Metals)
Haynes 625 (® Haynes International)
Nickelvac 625 (® Allegheny Technologies)

Primary Resistance



ASTM B443, ASME SB443 (Plate)
ASTM B446, ASME SB446 (Bar)
W-Nr 2.4865
UNS N06625

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)


Typical Chemistry (% by weight)

Al .2, C .05, Co .5, Cr 21.5, Fe 2.5, Mn .25, Mo 9, Nb 3.5, Ni 61, P .01, Si .25, S .01, Ti.2

Technical Data Sheet