Hex Nuts

Finished Hex Nuts

Finished hex nuts are the most common type of nut. Finished refers to the dimensional standard. Except for some smaller sizes, the width across the flats of the hex is one-and-a-half times the nominal diameter. Thickness of finished hex nuts is approximately 90% of the nominal diameter.

In modern terminology, these parts are usually referred to as regular nuts or simply hex nuts. However, as we at Nickel Systems are old-timers in the fastener business, we still refer to these parts as finished hex nuts.

Nickel Systems maintains an inventory of hex nuts in Hastelloy® (Alloys C276, C22, B2), Carpenter® 20 (Alloy 20), Inconel® 600 (Alloy 600), AL6XN®, Duplex 2205, Nitronic® 60 (A194 8S – Finished Pattern), 317L Stainless, 18-8 Stainless and 316 Stainless in stock at all times. Other alloys currently maintained in hex nut inventory include Nickel 200, 330 Stainless, Hastelloy® B3 and 904L.

Fasteners from Nickel Systems: Hex Nut

Heavy Hex Nuts

Heavy hex nuts are used when more “beef” is needed than in standard hex nuts. Often heavy hex nuts are used in high temperature and high pressure applications, particularly those involving flanged joints. Generally the width across the flats is 1/8 of an inch larger than common hex nuts. The thickness of heavy hex nuts is equal to approximately the nominal diameter, which is about 10% thicker than a regular hex nut.

ASTM (ASME) A194 is one specification that is often sited in connection with heavy hex nuts. Several different materials are covered by ASTM A194. Nickel Systems can supply heavy hex nuts conforming to: ASTM A194 2H (1045 Steel, Heat-Treated), ASTM A194 Grade 6 (410 Stainless), ASTM A194 Grade 8 (304 Stainless), ASTM A194 Grade 8C (347 Stainless), ASTM A194 Grade 8M (316 Stainless), A194 Grade 8R (Nitronic® 50), A194 Grade 8S (Nitronic® 60) and A194 Grade 8T (321 Stainless).

Nickel Systems is not limited to materials covered by ASTM A194. We maintain heavy hex nut inventory in Hastelloy® C (Alloy C276), Carpenter® 20 (Alloy 20) and Duplex 2205. Metric sizes and other alloys can be provided.

Finished Hex Jam Nuts

Jam nuts, sometimes referred to as thin nuts, are approximately 65% as thick as a standard hex nut. They were originally used to jam against another jam or full height nut and provide a locking feature.

Heavy Hex Jam Nuts

Heavy hex jam nuts are not very common. They are used where a large bearing surface is required and minimal clearance or thread engagement is available. Nickel Systems can provide heavy hex jam nuts by cutting full height heavy hex nuts in our shop.