Slotted Flat Head Cap Screws

Slotted flat head cap screws are used where the top of the screw head is to be flush with one of the assembly surfaces. The underside of the screw head and the accompanying hole are countersunk at an 82-degree (includes angle). Flat socket head cap screws are preferred over slotted flat head cap screws if assembly and disassembly are frequent because the drive is less likely to strip with repetitive use.

Nickel Systems can provide slotted flat head cap screws or socket flat head cap screws in a variety of corrosion resistant materials. Current inventory includes parts in Alloy C276 (Hastelloy® C), Alloy 20 (Carpenter® 20), Nickel 200, 310, 330, 18-8 and 316 Stainless.

Socket Screws

Socket screws come in a variety of configurations. Socket head cap screws feature a cylindrical head. Flat socket heads are flat on top with a countersunk underside. Button heads are rounded. Socket set screws have no head at all. Although they do not have a socket drive, square head set screws are usually included in this category.

Please see our socket products section for more details.