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Need a Win this Fall? Make the Right Call!

When it’s the end of the 4th quarter and you need a comeback play, there’s only one call to make.

We’re ready to meet YOUR critical emergency needs and engineer your winning drive. Give us a call and see what the largest stocking Hastelloy C276 and Duplex 2205 fastener distributor can do for you!

Nickel Systems Popular Fastener Needs for 2017

1 year Nickel Price Closing September 4th

60 Day Nickel Price Closing August 21, 2017
Nickel Systems Implements New Labeling System

New Labels!

After a thorough inventory check, Nickel Systems’ new labeling system provides easier identification for our warehouse to pull and fill orders. This enables Nickel Systems to ship parts even quicker than before and reduce the risk of human error!

At Nickel Systems, we strive to be the best at what we do and continue to look for ways we can improve our processes to meet our customer’s needs.

Remember, Nickel Systems stocks Hastelloy C276 fasteners and Duplex 2205 fasteners like no one else in the industry. Contact us and we’ll help you out!

Nickel Systems shipment of 310 Stainless Heavy Hex Bolts and Nuts

From Our Dock to Yours!

A shipment of Nickel Systems’ 310 Stainless Heavy Hex Bolts and Nuts used in the phosphate mines in North Carolina.

Nickel Systems is the SAFE bet for your high nickel alloy fasteners!

Looking for a safe bet?

Nickel Systems is addressing customer requirements of nickel alloy fasteners with our niche inventory, which is unlike any other. Not only do we promote high nickel alloy fasteners such as Hastelloy C276 and Duplex 2205, we actually keep them on the shelf. There are many distributors that claim to deal in exotic alloys, but we actually put our money (stock) where our mouth is. For a safe bet, call (215) 855-5633 or email Nickel Systems first.

Nickel Systems would like to wish all of our customers, vendors and business partners a happy and healthy spring 2017! If you are finishing up any last minute spring outage work or you have a larger water project you are currently bidding, remember to keep our number handy. Thank you again and we look forward to your next call!

Nickel Systems Popular Fastener Needs for 2017