Alloy 20 Fasteners

Nickel Systems stocks a large variety of Alloy 20 fasteners. The majority of these are coarse thread hex bolts, hex nuts and flat washers in 1/4” through 1” diameters. We have some Alloy 20 socket head cap screws and socket set screws on the shelf as well.

Alloy 20 was developed by Carpenter Technology as an upgrade to 316 Stainless. It is classified as a super-austenitic due to iron being its most abundant component. The UNS system classifies it as nickel-based alloy even though its nickel content is less than half. Alloy 20 resists hot sulfuric acid. It is often found in chemical mixers and fertilizer manufacturing equipment. Generally, it is an economical alternative to Alloy C276 and other higher nickel content materials.


20 Cb-3 (® Carpenter Technology Corporation)
ATI 20 (® Allegheny Technologies Incorporated)
Incoloy Alloy 20 (® Special Metals)
Nickelvac 23 (® Allegheny Technologies Incorporated)
Nicrofer 3620 Nb (® ThyssenKrupp VDM)

Primary Resistance



ASTM B473 (Bar)
DIN 2.4660
UNS N08020

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)


Typical Chemistry (% by weight)

C .02, Cb & Ta .5, Cr 19.5, Cu 3.25, Fe 41, Mn .4, Mo 2.1, Ni 34, P .025. S .002, Si .4

Technical Data Sheet